Agriculture & Environment

Our support in the field of agriculture and the environment is aimed at various initiatives with a sustainable character in the field of vegetable and crop cultivation, construction of greenhouses, water supply and soil enrichment. Steppe nomads and shepherds still travel around with ger and household. Looking for green pastures in the summer or a sheltered place during the cold, long winter. Animals such as sheep, goats, cows, camels and horses are often the most important asset and their products are the main source of income. The climatic conditions are extremely extreme. Every winter animals die from the cold, in 2010 even more than 2.5 million due to extreme cold (-47°C). Livestock diseases such as foot and mouth disease also occur regularly, which means that large areas have to be closed off by quarantine. As a result, many animals die and the population is in dire straits due to an acute lack of food, medicine and fuel. The population often has to deal with the consequences of a one-sided diet, partly due to the one-sided supply of meat and fat and the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The following has now been achieved, among other things:

  • two large vegetable greenhouses have been built
  • an irrigation system has been installed
  • crop fields including fencing are arranged
  • seeds and propagating material are purchased structurally
  • planting trees
  • providing grass seed for livestock