Our focus is on setting up, maintaining and expanding nursery, primary and secondary schools, including teaching and learning materials and furniture. Preschool education in particular is insufficiently facilitated by the Mongolian government in this area. With our support, toddlers and preschoolers have become accustomed to social contacts and have been able to increase their language skills, while their physical condition has also improved. In addition, we support in providing Mongolian and English language lessons to (young) adults.

Projects that have been carried out include:

  • a mobile summer kindergarten for the steppe nomads in the high-altitude and inaccessible Dayan
  • teaching materials and educational toys for the kindergartens in Ulaankhus and Tsengel
  • transportation of preschoolers to and from the kindergarten in Sogog and home
  • contribution to the construction of the Mongolian & English language center in Ulaankhus