We are a Dutch foundation that supports the Mongolian NGO Source of Steppe Nomads in improving the living conditions of steppe nomads and herdsmen in Mongolia. The 'Stichting Vrienden van Steppenomaden Mongolië' (in English foundation Friends of Steppe Nomads Mongolia) does this by carrying out projects in the field of agriculture & environment, food & health and education, among other things. We collaborate and maintain contact with the NGO Source of Steppe Nomads in Mongolia from the Netherlands, raise and manage funds for the projects in Mongolia, communicate about it in the Netherlands and advise and share knowledge to the benefit of the activities of the NGO Source of Steppe Nomads.

Our activities in the Netherlands and Mongolia:

  • supporting the NGO Source of Steppe Nomads with financial resources, advice or expertise;
  • regular project visits in Mongolia, once every 2-3 years;
  • fund raising and attracting donors is an ongoing priority of the foundation;
  • periodically sending newsletters;
  • updating and maintaining our website;
  • using social media, articles, interviews etc. to inform the public about the goal of the foundation;
  • increasing the involvement of interested persons and institutions through sponsors and ambassadors;
  • to a limited extent, accompany interested persons, journalists and organisations to the project areas;
  • cooperation with Dutch like-minded foundations and organisations in the implementation of projects

Our three pillars

Principles and methodology

To achieve the obiective of our foundation, we have made a number of choices in the activities we undertake, the way we raise funds and how we position ourselves, and the frequency in which we communicate with our various stakeholders. We operate within the framework and philosophy of the aforementioned Sustainable Development Goals.

Our eight key principles that influence our activities:

  • Demand-driven; our partner and beneficiaries in Mongolia determine their own needs and priorities
  • No overhead; almost all financial resources directly benefit the local population
  • Personal contact with the board of NGO Source of Steppe Nomads; via email, through occasional project visits, exchange, etc.
  • Long-term; aid is focused 80% on long-term and structural development and 20% on short-term, incidental needs
  • Equality; working together on the basis of equality and a shared responsibility to take care of each other and our planet: living together, sharing together, learning together
  • Transparency; regular, complete and detailed provision of information
  • Cooperation; intensive collaboration between companies, organisations, knowledge institutions etc. in the Netherlands and in Mongolia
  • Sustainability; project support with promotion of socially responsible living, environment, ecology and future-oriented thinking.

Our methodology can be summarised as follows:

  • fundraising takes place through equity fund foundations, donors and on a project basis;
  • annual reporting on activities and expenditure of funds;
  • travel to and from the project area is reimbursed once every two years for a maximum of € 500 per board member;
  • clear communication via our website about the activities and projects;
  • monthly communication with Foundation Source of Steppe Nomads in Mongolia;
  • establishing and maintaining relationships with strategically important partners such as Wilde Ganzen and foundations that work in a complementary way with similar objectives.

Financial management

A budget is prepared annually. The treasurer is in charge of daily financial movements. Per calendar quarter a (condensed) financial overview is presented afterwards in the board meeting. The treasurer has limited independent authority. Together with the chairman there is multiple procuration for transactions higher than € 2,500.00. Annually and within 4 months after the close of the financial year, an annual financial report is prepared and audited by an external expert. The annual financial report is discussed and adopted in the board meeting. In principle, the foundation spends all incoming funds in the same year. The foundation's capital therefore remains very limited in size. Once every three years a multi-year budget is drawn up and adopted. Before the start of the financial year in question, the budget for that year is once again critically discussed and adjusted where necessary.