Looking back and ahead with the Dhampus Foundation
November 2023

Dentists from Nijmegen Etienne Lamee (l) and Eric Alkemade (2nd from right), and university lecturer Paul Ketelaar (r)

For the past few years, together with Dhampus Foundation, we have had the school dentist visit the kindergartens, priamry schools and dormirories in our project areas two to three times a year. Preschoolers, schoolchildren and their parents were informed of the importance of good dental and oral care and having beautiful and healthy teeth.

Our agreement is now ending this year and recently we discussed successes and areas for improvement. We are proud of what we have achieved since 2016 we first started working together on oral health and hygiene. And there is still so much more that should and can be done. We also want to involve the Mongolian government and Mongolian dental schools. Because it remains a challenge to get (nomadic) families and children in remote areas to visit the dentist when the dentist’s practice is half a day’s drive away. Fortunately, the school dentist will continue to visit schools in the coming years!