Sponsor walk for animal shelter

13 July 2024By haaijeUncategorized

Sponsor walk for animal shelter July 2024   Again, 14-year-old Ben from Nijmegen is walking the Four Days Marches from 16-19 July to raise money for an animal shelter in Mongolia. These are badly needed!!! The picture above shows 12-year-old Aimen with a newborn cashmere goat. Aimen lives with her parents, brother, and grandfather in … Read More

Board change at our Mongolian partner

30 January 2024By haaijeUncategorized

Board change at our partner January 2024 There has been a board change in the board of our partner NGO Source of Steppe Nomads in Mongolia; Tabis (the retired former mayor of Sogog) and Kulshash (the retired headmistress of the kindergarten in Sogog) have stepped down and made way for the two new board members … Read More

Extended cooperation with Wilde Ganzen

10 January 2024By haaijeUncategorized

Extended cooperation with Wilde Ganzen untill 2027 December 2023 What a great ending to 2023! Just before Christmas, we signed a cooperation agreement with Wilde Ganzen and our Mongolian partner Source of Steppe Nomads until 2027. The programme focuses on activities in education, health and economic development. We jointly contribute to the sustainable development of … Read More

Looking back and ahead with the Dhampus Foundation

25 December 2023By haaijeUncategorized

Looking back and ahead with the Dhampus Foundation November 2023 Dentists from Nijmegen Etienne Lamee (l) and Eric Alkemade (2nd from right), and university lecturer Paul Ketelaar (r) For the past few years, together with Dhampus Foundation, we have had the school dentist visit the kindergartens, priamry schools and dormirories in our project areas two … Read More

August hay month!

21 December 2023By haaijeUncategorized

August hay month! Summer 2023   August hay month! Myrzabeck Huan is haying on last year’s fenced and prepared communal grassland. He is 26 years old and lives with his parents and four sisters between the two nearest villages, near the mountains. His family is selected to farm and harvest the grassland with twenty other … Read More

Lena in the Netherlands and visiting Wilde Ganzen

10 July 2023By haaijeUncategorized

10 June 2023 Lena, the director of our partner organization, was in the Netherlands! We were very happy to see her again. With her and her fellow board members of Source of Steppe Nomads Mongolia we have a long-term relationship based on trust, equality and friendship. The timing of her visit couldn’t be better because … Read More

Visiting the projects 2022

12 June 2023By haaijeUncategorized

Projects visit October 2022 Our chairman Haaije Postma – with ambassador Tamar Valkenier and volunteer/son Tom Postma – spent more than a week in our project areas in Western Mongolia and was able to observe the status of the projects. Of course he had the opportunity to speak with board members of our partner organization, … Read More