Extended cooperation with Wilde Ganzen untill 2027
December 2023

What a great ending to 2023! Just before Christmas, we signed a cooperation agreement with Wilde Ganzen and our Mongolian partner Source of Steppe Nomads until 2027. The programme focuses on activities in education, health and economic development. We jointly contribute to the sustainable development of the nomadic community and traditional pastoralism.

The projects in the first year focus mainly on education, such as developing learning materials and books in the Mongolian language and providing them free of charge to children from poor families, offering extra maths and language lessons in Mongolian and English, expanding and setting up (pre-school) schools and training teachers. In addition, projects are budgeted in the field of health and agriculture; school dentist visits, gymnastics and dance lessons as part of a healthy lifestyle, sufficient medicines and vitamins for the local GP and home pharmacy, vegetable greenhouses and seeds, gardening tools and tree planting against erosion.

Major (economic) projects planned for 2025 and 2026 include the construction of a new and larger (language) training centre, felt processing, brick making, and small-scale chicken farms.

Fundraising for the implementation of all these activities is now in full swing. Will you join us? Every contribution makes a big difference!