Board change at our partner

January 2024

There has been a board change in the board of our partner NGO Source of Steppe Nomads in Mongolia; Tabis (the retired former mayor of Sogog) and Kulshash (the retired headmistress of the kindergarten in Sogog) have stepped down and made way for the two new board members Dr Maka and Meirjan. We are very grateful to Tabis and Kulshash. We have worked very well and effectively together since 2006, when we first met them, for first the Sogog community and later in the larger area of Ulaankhus soum. They always gave us a warm welcome and welcomed us hospitably when we visited. Both have worked hard for the greater good of their community and we can only compliment them for that. They are role models for us and our children! We wish them a well-deserved rest and good health in retirement and a good time with their (grand)children.

At the same time, we are happy to welcome Meirjan and Dr Maka to the SSN board. We wish them every success in their role as board members. There is more about them written on this page

We look forward to working with them towards our common mission and goals!