Ben walks the Nijmegen Marches for preschoolers

June 2023

Hello, my name is Ben, I am 13 years old and I live in Nijmegen Lent. Last year I walked the Nijmegen Marches and participated in the Marches Sponsor Run. Money was raised for a vegetable greenhouse then. That was a lot, more than 1600 Euro, I was super happy with it!

This year I want to raise even more, my goal is 2000 Euro. If we can achieve that, I will be extremely grateful to you for supporting me and the children of the steppenomads. This time I am running for a kindergarten in Ulaankhus who need cots and blankets for the toddlers’ afternoon nap. As you can see they are lying on the ground without cots, although on a thick mat but of course a cot is much nicer. They also need more toys.

Will you sponsor me and the toddlers? please click the donate button below!

This year we are not doing it through the Four Day Sponsor Run because last year it took a lot of time and headaches to get the money transferred to the foundation. What went wrong we don’t quite know, but we are now doing it through the donation page of this website This was set up especially and temporarily for my sponsored run, so you can be sure that your contribution goes directly to the preschool. And absolutely awsome: Soon the foundation will enter into another cooperation agreement with Wilde Ganzen. That means that any amount you sponsor me with will be doubled by Wilde Ganzen!!!

I will walk 30 km each day, 4 days from 18 to 21 July, wish me luck!

You can contact me via –