10 June 2023

Lena, the director of our partner organization, was in the Netherlands!

We were very happy to see her again. With her and her fellow board members of Source of Steppe Nomads Mongolia we have a long-term relationship based on trust, equality and friendship.

The timing of her visit couldn’t be better because we are in talks with Wilde Ganzen about a multi-year program aimed at community development. Linda van der Hoek, project advisor at Wilde Ganzen, sacrificed her Saturday afternoon to receive our chairman Haaije with Lena and to talk about the content of the program and the support of Wilde Ganzen. We hope to start the collaboration with Wilde Ganzen soon and to once again be able to contribute to the development of sustainable and resilient nomad communities in Mongolia.

After the discussion with Linda, Haaije and Lena managed to visit Haaije’s mother Sietske Haisma, the wife of our founder Geert Postma, from whom Lena received a lot of advice in the first hour of her appointment as director and who she ‘second father’ ❤️